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Amy, I completely agree with you - I was enchanted with this book. I just picked it up on a whim, but it's definitely a keeper! Algonquin sounds like a class act. If I ever decide I have a book in me, I'll shop it to them before anyone else.

Thanks for a fascinating post. One way or another I'll get Goodman's book. My garden bookshelves are sagging so this further justifies buying an iPad. Much appreciated : )

French Dirt is one of my favorite garden books of all time!

Sample downloaded now!

I couldn't resist -- don't have an e-reader but just bought it now through google books.

I have an original edition from 1991 & I like to read it every other year or so. It's lovely.

Well, between the price and your encouraging review, it worked on me and I bought it. I considered some of the others also, but I now have a stack of books on my kindle that I'm having trouble getting to.

What a cool relationship to have with a press. It isn't just unique, it's unheard of. Backlists are where people actually find books. Seriously man.

This is the first e-book I've purchased. Hope it works!

It was going so well until he said "withered artichoke vine."
Really?? Vine?

French Dirt stands out from all the rest of the "i went to France and made a garden." That trend has ended and now we are onto "I made a farm and...."

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