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Love this idea! I'm in.

If any of you bloggers want the bar graphic above to use with your posts, email me and I'll send it to you - tell me what size you need. clfornari at yahoo dot com

Let's have some way of finding the other posts on the 4th of the month, like we can all find the GardenBlogger Bloom day posts at Carol Michel's blog. Sure, we can look for Tweets with the hashtag but a Facebook page would be nicer, I think - or my preference, anyway. Then garden centers and others in the trade could join and find them and "like" or tweet them or link to them on their blogs, website and e-newsletters easily.

Great idea! It will be nice to reach out to the general public to entice them to garden more. Count me in!

OK Folks - here's the fb Group. Right now it's an open group (Feelings about that anyone? Join the group and discuss) so come on over and join.

Sounds nifty!

I am a novice gardener, but after we planted some plants, my husband and I kept telling each other. "We grew that'. I will try even though I am not a gardener...

ok, I'll start it on the other side of the Atlantic !

Michelle - in some ways your voice is even more important than what we long-time gardeners could say. If you who don't call yourself a gardener know the delight that comes from putting something in the ground and watching it grow, sharing that with other non-gardeners is important.

"YES!" It's a great idea. I run a garden maintenance and coaching business. I have more business than I can manage. And, believe it or not my clients must work in parallel with me for a good portion of the time I spend on the property. Or, sometimes I coach them on what to do and follow-up with their progress. People really want this kind of service. I teach them organic principles and methods, and good design practices. Often I reason with them about not planting more than they can care for. I lose. People want to plant! One of my clients has been nagging me for several years to get him kiwi plants. I balk. Isn’t there enough work to do on this property? So, it's not about me anymore. Right now I promise that I will get him 'the goods' so "He Can Grow That in Zone 4!" And, finally I'll upload my blog and get going on this additional part of my biz - You Can Grow That!

PS I strongly agree with Kathryn that the general public should be a part of this campaign and in a big way. My wish is that "You Can Plant That" would be a vehicle to further environmental stewardship by showing that organic gardening practices play a significant role in restoring our local ecology. Teach them and they will do it! Yeah! Less chemicals and more healthy soil! We all crave this information (how many garden books do YOU have?). Also, it could be its own “Occupy Garden Center” in that sometimes people want to grow things that are not available in their garden centers (see Kiwi). This could put pressure on the sellers to mix it up more – market pressure and all that.

I'm on board. I'm a very novice gardener, like Michelle. Last year was my first garden. I have already been blogging my attempts, so this will be great!

I'm looking forward to the great posts.

And I'm glad you made a FB group. That'll make it easier for me to find the blog entries. (I've sent in my request to join.)

I'm looking forward to learning from all of you.

Good on ya! We're with you.

Great idea! I'll be there.
Get out and dig ... it's Fun (and you can grow that!)

Excellent idea! Love the phrase, great call to action as well as a slogan.

I'm just an ordinary gardener with a job and other commitments who is happiest when I get the time to go outside, dig in the dirt and grow things. This is a great idea and I think it will encourage others to get started or try something new. I sent in my request to join the FB group.

Thanks to all for saying that they're on board - spread the word, OK? Thanks also to the Garden Rant folks for promoting this idea, both this weekend and in the past:

We can grow good things, in our gardens, our communities and the world.

Outstanding garden.............I am jealous


Good slogan. Way better than the State of Ohio;s current tag: A big circle ("O") with hi inside it. OhiO. Get it? Most people don't. They think it just says "Hi". It makes me think of a Cheech and Chong Routine.

But which word is accented?

Count me in- Nancy DuBrule-Clemente, The Daily DuBrule

Oh yes! I can't believe how many times I've told friends and family "You can grow that," after them eating my figs and other vegetables from the garden.

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