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What a wonderful story! I wish there was a picture of Mr. Jack & the chickens.

@Lisa Beckman, would love to see pictures of that adorable buckling!

Oh, I wish I had seen that post and entered! I have a story about our chicken, Dinner, getting stolen from our backyard by someone who (a) replaced her with a watermelon and (b) stole her in order to trade to an itinerant Scandinavian tattoo artist for a tattoo. After we got word out through the grapevine that we were, in fact, really upset about this and had filed a police report, Dinner was returned. Apparently our then-purloined eggs, plus a case of beer, were then used to trade for said tattoo.

(That is a 100% true story from Portland, Oregon [where else?]. There's a little bit more to it than that, but not much!)


This is a beautiful story--I was worried at the beginning that the chickens took the baby goat to eat.

The Portland chicken Dinner story was also highly entertaining (and educational--ha!)

I would LOVE to publish stories like these in Greenwoman Magazine. Write me!

@ Garden Rant and Lisa--loved your story and linked to it on our FB page Rural Living Today!

Wonderful, wonderful story. This is laugh out loud good.
Another thing I love about all gardeners..we are 'all ears' when it involves 'nature' taking over and doing it's best.

Thank you!

Wonderful story!!

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