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Yes, they are beautiful, but are they blooming weeks early like a lot of stuff around here? Somehow the knowledge that something is blooming way too early gives me an ominous feeling that detracts from my appreciation.

I agree with you, Jason. A friend in California wrote last week that she had ten grapevines and thirty-three fruit trees "scorched" by a normal frost after budding out too early. And that it was the second year with no crops. It's hard to get excited about it.

Does not seem to be unique to to you guy, we spring seems to be getting earlier and earlier in the UK catching a lot of the bulbs out

At the top of the page with Adrian Higgins' post, there was a way for those of us, who've never had a chance to be in WDC at peak blossom time, to share in it.

That was a great article on the hisotry of Japanese botanical ties to the SE USA. The fact that the climates are similar didn't hurt, either.

But wait is this not an environmental catastrophe?

They are blooming several weeks early......and what about all that ozone from the extra cars in DC a month early? And all those people exhaling CO2.............

It's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine!


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