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The Sustainable Sites Initiative website has lots of information and inspiration for all of us.

Pat, glad you mentioned that. THey have reports of 3 pilot sites on their website now, and more coming soon.

Susan, perhaps if people like you DID work for the government, things would change :) And I'm not sure I'd want all decisions made by one branch of government....

Otherwise, this initiative seems like it's moving in the right direction. When some of this landscaping is in place, maybe there will be some good press about it, encouraging more.

Landscape for Life. I like!

Sounds like a good start.

I was one of Ray Mims teachers when he left sales and returned to school. He is a great guy!

Susan, thanks so much for this post. I've added a link to the sidebar on my blog and will be checking in on the Landscape for Life site for updates. Anything we can do to engage the regular homeowner, school, garden club, etc. in stewardship is bound to result in a win!

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