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I looooved those metal trees! They were pretty expensive. I might have bought one, though, if I hadn't already bought three blue ceramic koi. Ha!

I don't have a porch but I have the famous Cottage Ornee and one of those rugs is really tempting.

I saw the same backpack carts this past weekend at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show. Would make a good substitute in my neighborhood for the folding metal shopping cart to cart around groceries (seeing as how gas prices are crazy). They had them priced for $35 but they don't ship them so will have to wait til next to buy one.

I like the outdoor carpets-those are particularly nice- what is the brand??
I like the leaf picker upper-expandable rake, and I really like the boots and the cute Scotts'man in them!

The rug brand is Mad Mat.

The owner of Nature's Footprint is Ralph Rhoads!

I like the wall pouches-did you get a brand name? I have a plastic rug-I have it by the door in the garage-the cats tend to bring gifts and drop/dispose of the them and its easy to clean!

You will give us lots of photos of your new porch with potted plants/furniture in place when it's done, right? I like the outdoor carpets best of everything you showed. After you get one for your porch, I might get one,too.

Laura, you bet! Also? I'm getting my first-ever fountain. Lots to show off.

Gail, sorry about the lack of brand name for the wall pouches! I looked through the list of vendors at the Show but nothing stood out as the one.

I love your choices. Let's meet there next year and buy boots. I need those boots.

I have very similar-appearing boots that are also totally waterproof. $70 on sale at an equestrian shop. Horse people need to be in damp muck-filled barns in freezing weather, so the foot ware seems to be really good.

bummer about the wall pouches I'm sure I will find them somewhere....

I loved the wall mounted vases - any chance you remember the name of the vendor?

Thanks for the daily dose of entertainment and information.

Daphne, I WISH I knew the name of the flower vase vendor. Sorry!

I love the leaf shovel. Looks much better then what I have been using to pick up hands!

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