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The one page profile of Hudson Valley Seed Library (page 67) really caught my eye. I could have talked to these people all day at the Philadelphia Show. They blend art, community gardening and seed saving into one fun package. Very inspiring. Wish something like this was going on in my area.

Your enthusiasm is contagious and certainly warrants a free iPad.

So far Leaf is doing a very good job of offering something for every type of garden lover. I'm impressed.

WOW! I wasn't a reader before. I sure am now. I'm passing this on to all my gardening friends. Thanks so much.

Awesome looking "publication"


I have to say that I am less than impressed with Leaf "magazine" Leaf doesn't hold a candle to the high gloss luxurious pages of Garden Design. Maybe you haven't seen Garden Design in a while, but in the last issue they showcased a bistro set from Target (in a fabulous blue color!) and a beautiful story on Chanticleer in PA. Plus, when they do show the high ticket items, it really gives me ideas and inspiration. Just my rant...

Wow, Susan. Thank you so much. I'm so happy we've hit a positive chord with all types of garden design enthusiasts from all walks of life. I can't thank you enough for your super kind words and your support.

Thanks for the shout out Susan. I owe you a drink. In Asheville?

I like Garden Design. I always crack up when they feature a $22,000 lounge seat but the rest of the issue is generally great.

I'm not one of Leaf's 80,000 online readers because it is more than my poor satellite internet can handle. I tried to read the first issue and was stopped at about page 12 and realized how much more was waiting, waiting, waiting to download.

ok, maybe I'm computer illiterate (no, I don't have an ipad) but, does this mean it isn't in actual print and I can't BUY it at my local book sellers???

Terri, that's right. Digital only

Thanks Susan for the kind and generous review!!....and Terri -- it should also be don't have to BUY it at's free...

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