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Wow, it's amazing to see all these gardens blooming but mine. Still no signs of bud swelling on most trees and shrubs.

I almost forgot what frogs sound like at night and Sweden doesn't even have crickets to listen to at night.

Hummingbirds have to be the worst to loose moving over here.

I'm glad you guys all have projects to share until I can have my day in the yard. Oh that's right, I just came in from getting the yard cleaned up for planting.

Thanks for sharing this gardeners blog, story and pictures.

Hope I am not dashing your dreams here, but that Hakonechloa goes dormant in winter. Sorry! :)

Gen, I know , but I think dormant grasses are lovely in winter. Like the first photo here. Unlike ephemerals.

I have been following Margaret for years on her blog. It has always been entertaining and informative. Her underplantings are an inspiration for all of us, I have a diagram naming all the plants in that one photo, it is a "how to do underplantings properly". I have spent a fortune buying european ginger whenever I see it for sale. It is a little difficult to get your hands on it up here.

1. Margaret is such a wonderful mix of knowledge, humour, and pure garden love.

b. If ex husbands were that cute, everyone might stay married longer.

I think most garden designers can learn a lot from Maragret

Spicebush should be used more. Early spring flowers, yellow fall foliage, red berries. Oh, and fragrant foliage, too.

I also really like the grass paths and fieldstone.

Susan - I finally got tired of my inability to take macro pictures with my point-and-shoot, so I began looking for a replacement. There are some pretty amazing cameras out there in all price ranges, but I finally settled on a Nikon Coolpix s8100. It's small, lightwieght, easy to use - and takes amazing macro shots from incredibly close focus points. I'm sure many of your loyal fans have similar suggestions - we want you to get a great camera so we can admire your pictures.

Lovely pictures, especially the frog :)

Very beautiful garden.............

Exuberant and refined.

I look forward to Margaret's podcasts each week! She is truly amazing.

it is amazing !!!

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