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What is this paid infomercials? At least the third reference to this book. Just because the bouquets come from within 50 miles does not mean they are eco-friendly. Just think how that land could have been used by Mexican drug lords? All that gas and carbon saved by them growing dope here in the U.S. instead of mexico.


Well, I'm a big fan of weedy arrangements. Here's a link to a post that included my own 50-foot bouquet, with all materials from the Microgarden:

A friend lost a pet last November, so when I went to my garden, I picked whatever looked good: rusty orange alstroemeria, purple penstemon, deep pink echinacea, white ferny yarrow, horsetail, and the graceful spikes of pink-tinged vietnamese cilantro flowers.

Last fall, I wrote a post about using what I already have for seasonal decorating, including flora from my own yard. I made a modest wreath with snippets of this and that, things that I found in my own late-season garden. Please see:

I have been making seasonal arrangements off and on since September with ikebana arrangements. Sometimes I do buy materials, but it's easy just to make arrangements right out of the garden!

Local Color Flowers has been a floral design company since 2008. We source all of our flowers from Maryland and Virginia flower farms within 100 miles of Baltimore. We work year round with what is seasonal and locally available.

I have so many favorite bouquets...
Here's one from last Fall. (photo by Lindsay Hite/Readyluck)

I love to regularly display fresh flowers in my home...especially when I grew them :)

Here is one of my favorites from last summer:

Here's one of my fav combos from our flowers last year....!/photo.php?fbid=344186947541&set=a.344185897541.198610.337503242541&type=3&theater

My latest flower arrangement was very simple: small groups of snowdrops in tiny bottles the chickens had dug up from our yard:

I'd love a chance to win this book! Here's a homegrown bouquet from two years ago, but I just love the boldness of a sunflower indoors.

Here's one of my favorite compositions from last fall I threw together for an event at work.

Congrats to Debra and David on such a fabulous book. Took a trip up to Jello Mold last week and was quite inspired!

Here's a bouquet of flowers made by some students at the school where I volunteer. (the students would appreciate a book like this in their library) (some bouquets made with both grown and foraged materials) Have been following the path of this book for a while. Would love to read it. Hope it sells like mad.

Oops! Missed the deadline/didn't expect to win anyway.!/photo.php?fbid=227079517398679&set=a.217282121711752.39680.100002898988102&type=3&theater
Here's a seasonal bouquet -- personally, I love big, lush, crowded arrangements, though I love little tussy mussies, too. But great sheaves of fragrant forsythia, masses of plum blossoms -- love that. Never could afford really nice store bought cut flowers and those carnations -- jeesh. I'm not a fan of cutting gardens though,I want them intergrated into the landscape. So here, lots of Soloman seal, euphorbia, perrenial candytuft, angelica, and cardoon leaves.

This was awfully hard. You need to do a post on how to take a decent photo of a bouquet!

Did anyone catch the discussion on imported flowers on NPR's 'Market Place'? It's Mother's Day time soon so they talked about what kind of flowers to buy but ended up recommending plastic flowers as ones that do less harm.
Running out of ideas out there, folks?

How about giving Mom a native plant?

Love the idea of using local, native, wild flowers in bouquets; the violets always catch the eye.

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