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UPDATE: When pressed, Chris came clean as the prankster. Good one! Here's his latest email to me:
"Oh it's from me. But it's not a press release, it's my widely read weekly email newsletter/blog, Acres Online. 19,000 readers all around the world, and it's going on like it's 10th year! I'd of course never tell a lie in it. Except I might exaggerate once a year."

Dang! I was hoping to put them both in a container and let them duke it out to see who wins total pot domination.

I'm reading this and thinking you are a couple days late.

Haha, great prank! I'm SO relieved it's not true!

I figured this had to be an Onion article or something and I'm relieved that is pretty much the case.

I was thinking April Fools pretty much from the logo on...but nicely done!

Weeeelllll I must say, as I have way too many of both red begonias and blue petunias planted this year, I had a brief flare of capitalistic hope that the surplus could be turned into a profit.....sigh....guess I'll just have lots of pretty flowers in my gardens instead.

Neither one really fits me, so here's the one I came up with for myself:

(vinca voter, "the wise choice")

A flowering plant with a mind of its own.

- INDEPENDENT growth, needs very little external influence to thrive
- Perfect for the CENTER of your garden
- Never leans too far to the LEFT or the RIGHT

How strange that politics is entering the gardening sphere, although I don't know who would take it really seriously. Personally I find them sort of funny and certainly creative...politics at play!

This is a great idea.....if we can have left and right wing hot sauces then anything to sell plants in a lighthearted manner


So glad this was a prank. I do my best to ignore or avoid all of the political posturing and name-calling and was thus dreading the idea of staying out of my favorite IGC until November (assuming this would all just go away once the election is done)!

A new development on this front: As a result of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, an array of Super PACs associated with Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, the AFL-CIO, and others will be bombarding gardeners in swing states with free "Super PLANT PACKS." The Super PACKS contain plants that have been adopted as symbols by rival candidates in key races (much as the opposing sides did in England's Wars of the Roses). The idea is to replace yard signs with the plants associated with specific candidates, each candidate seeking to dominate their district's front yards with "their" plants. Savvy political consultants are advising clients to time their Super PACK shipments carefully to coincide with the earliest possible successful planting date, and also to pick plant symbols that are rampant spreaders, such as members of the mint family.

Some candidates are already slinging rhetorical compost at each other with accusations that their rivals are planning to use invasives like garlic mustard and purple loosestrife as their campaign plant.

Sorry, I couldn't help it. I'll stop now.

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