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Would love to have a copy of this book. The cover picture is gorgeous. The daffodils have been and gone with warm weather. But with cooler weather last few weeks the lilacs and tulips have stayed around much longer.

I'm only able to get out to the house once a week - missed last week due to tax crunch - but have had tulips and narcissus. Am waiting for the lilacs and azalea.

A rose.

Very sweet smelling Vibernum

OH. My. Goodness. Thank You! I just took the Amazon "Look Inside" of your book and I am so thrilled and amazed and grateful and excited that you wrote and illustrated (with your photos) this book! I've been gardening organically for OVer 40 years, both veggies and flowers, and was thrilled that you explored and exposed/introduced the organic flower market. The veggie market has gained wonderful consumer support and finally the corporate grocers are supplying, but I never dreamed the flower market would get this attention and support! Yay for you, showing how important and viable this market is as well! I'm not a commercial grower, I just support the organic method of gardening for the health of the planet and those of us living now, and for future generations.

To make a longer story shorter..(you wouldn't believe what I've already deleted)
What I have in vase now is Lily of the Valley, Bleeding Heart, and fern. Haven't picked the Centaura montana because I have only one plant blooming, but it's so tempting. Ahh,so many others blooming but not for the vase, so many already gone and so many yet to blossom. I love flowers!

what agreat idea!!

My girls are running around the yard begging me to allow them to pick some flowers. I have strict rules or they would bring everything and anything inside. When you are 4 you are still learning that you have to pick the stalk as well. We have been admiring the stunning columbines we sewed last spring, each with a different color combination from whites, pinks, corals, lavenders to deep purple. What a rainbow! Perhaps with the branches I trimmed off of the leafing redbud.

I am looking at the leaves of my Oakleaf Hydrangea which are just opening. They're grey green and covered with hair, looking very nice and feeling silky soft: I had not noticed this before.

Tulips are done....spent all their time in large pots in the back porch, as are the I'm enjoying the first Leucojum -summer snowflake-I've ever grown. Very sweet, like a larger snowdrop on tall stems, no fragrance.

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