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Having been a forager and flower arranger for many years, I Love to observe the seasons and appreciate what is available at the moment. Of course spring is abundance overload. My arrangement du jour is lilacs and queen of the night purple tulips with columbine foliage and a few lambs ears in a milk bottle. It's beautiful and fragrant. If you don't win the book, please buy it, it's fantastic! Enjoy your gardens and cut flower arrangements...

Not sure how worthy dandelions are of vases...but at least if they were in a vase they wouldn't be reseeding in my lawn! ;)

Euphorbia polychroma 'Bonfire' with yellow/organe tulips. The combination is surprisingly pretty.

This book is going on my to-read list!

On the table right now, I've got a mug of baby hosta leaves, soft new catmint foliage and bright sprigs of lime spirea and it's making me quite happy!

Giant zinnias! Sounds like a very interesting book!

Lilacs! They are just beginning to bloom here. Not only do they smell good, they bring such fond memories of being in the garden with my Grandmother.

lilacs-and I'm going to go cut them now!

I have saucer magnolia in bud; looks almost like tulips, and I have lots of those too, decorative crab apple tree is blooming, as well as camellia, leopard's bane and wood hyacinth. Plan to put them all in two bouquets for our local spring garden workshop on Saturday.

The lilacs are opening up now. I gave up on picking them--I swear the scent changes as soon as they are in a vase. And they never last long enough in the house, even if you do smash the stems.

Oh wait, you wanted what IS worth of a vase. That would be 'Menton' tulips. I love the subtle mix of pink and orange. A large bouquet will go with me to the pediatric cardiology unit when I return to work at the hospital on Thursday.

I prefer flowers on their own roots, too. But I've been eating my violas in salads, so I guess I could pick a few, too. I have so many! The bulbs are long done, but the irises are just beginning. I get them at plant exchanges and local sales, so it's a surprise when they bloom. I have one iris labeled "black" that's turned out to be a lovely deep, deep burgundy. I'm waiting to see what color the "apricot" irises from a friend of a friend turn out to be. But my favorites are the fragrant ones, and I do stop to smell the irises!

Penstemon eatonii because an inflorescence snapped off in the wind the other day and it is in a vase on my kitchen table right now.

The daphne odora and the daffodils (daph & daff) have finished their blooms, as have the early tulips. The yellow iris (did I really buy that many bulbs of the same color?) are just short of blooming. The Black Dragon (I think) wisteria being turned into a tree is happily blooming in the front yard, and I must check with the Japanese Maples and wisteria in the lower courtyard (split level house). The roses are alllll either blooming or ready for their first flush of the season. The Cox's Orange Pippin is awash with blooms, but the pomegranates have yet to show. The not-Meyer lemon still has lemons from the last blooming, and the Meyer in the back of my van is full of buds. I'm not sure where to put it, but it WILL add to the wonderful scent of two lots of citrus lovers.

David & Debra, I love your stubbornness in the face of naysayers, as well as your sense of whimsy and mirth. May those qualities be always with you!

That's a breathtaking book cover. it gives you a peek of what's inside. This sure is a must read of all garden/plant lovers out there. Someone I know got a copy of this, I can't wait to grab one soon. ♥

My pink debutant camellia is blooming beautifully. I picked a blossom and floated it in the bird bath. I think the birds really appreciate the spa like atmosphere.

The lilacs are in bloom! The day is sunny and breezy, the air is perfumed...the bees are buzzing and I don't have to work today and can garden all day! Nirvana!

Borage! My favorite flower of the week!

I have a startling purple orchid in bloom right now but can't imagine picking it to bring inside. The brugmansia's have just finished their monthly intoxicating show, so that won't work. My beloved appleblossom amaryllis came and went already. The voodoo lily is sending up a flower, but those stink to high heaven so I won't be bringing that interesting bloom indoors. The daturas don't last in a vase.

So I think I will fall back on a big bouquet of bulbine, plumbago, honeycomb buddleia, and some zebra grass. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to go wander around in my garden to enjoy this beautiful day and beautiful place! And God bless those hard working flower gardeners who share their bounty with the brown thumbed people out there, making everyone's day a bit brighter!

Almost 20 years ago, I sent away for seeds of Cowichan Primula--dark red, no eye--and planted them with my then toddler. When we moved and built a house on acreage when she was 6, I brought the plants along and have divided and divided over the years so that now, they're in masses everywhere, stems tall and blooms so rich, dark and leathery leaves. She's at home studying for exams, so I'll slip some into the small Indian metal vase I've used every year.

If I win this book I would give to to my mother ( right after I read it and checked out all the pictures....shhhh) who has a small but amazing flower garden next to her apartment. I have a few snow crocuses out and all the snow is gone but if I had to put something in a vase it would have to be budding branches from the apple tree or may be some old poppy seed heads. Not much going on here I am afraid.

I adore azaleas in bloom and have, from time to time, taken a branch inside to put into a vase. And, I have one side of my house that has a succession of flowers just for cutting and bring inside when the need arises. It starts with daffodils, then tulips, then irises, then lilies, and then I always plant some zinnias for the summer. The irises are blooming now.

Here in Colorado my vase would be filled with purple and yellow 'Mardi Gras' tulips. Both colors are bright and vivid and look wonderful together. To add a little interest I would add couple of sprigs of Austrian Copper rose, as it just started adding flower buds to its growth. The orange flowers would go nicely with the purple and yellow.

I'd have to say my sweet peas 'matucana'. They are a sure sign of spring here in Berkeley. They reseed themselves freely and smell just like a Grape Nehi!

I have PINK lilly of the valley blooming right now and they smell so good. Also, 3 of my clematis are going strong. Elsa Spath, Multi Blue, and gurnsey. The alliums are all in full bloom and make such a statement! Everything is so early this year.... I am looking forward to the book. Peace to you and yours.

Yes I have daffodils still in bloom, but I am more intrigued with bringing in a glorious branch of Japanese cherry!

Only just hearing about this book via Kerry Michaels, and just saw David's photo blog. I'm riveted and want to find out more!

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