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They are selling, for $70 each, apparently full-sized apricot trees, which they say are suitable for containers and small beds; they claim the trees are appropriate for zones 4-9--I guarantee you, the poor soul in zone 4, and probably zone 5, will never see an apricot off that Moorpark. It is just wrong to take people's money like this, trading on a brand name and people's ignorance.

My first thought was to compare W-S to White Flower Farm, but I see someone else has already posted it.

That catalogue was the funniest thing I've received in the mail since the local nuke plant sent out a calendar featuring photos of local scenery accompanied by monthly emergency evacuation tips.

I have the kitchen compost bin that sells for $29.95 only mine was/is an ice bucket in teal with ice scoop...I think it came from target. I guarantee it wasn't near $30. I am trying to decide what to plant in it.

This should be shocking...but it's really not. Gardening has become such the in-thing at the moment and you just knew some huge brand was going to start selling overpriced gardening gear.

Aside from overpriced coops and lettuces (now that was a shocker!), I've read that copper gardening tools are quite good if you're trying to deal with pests organically. Apparently the copper chips off in the soil as you use the tools and these tiny pieces help to repel slugs and snails. I don't know if I'd really invest in them myself but I suppose the idea is there :)

Yes, it is all kind of ridiculous. But overall, I don't mind this development. For one it's a pretty clear indication that growing and making your own food is pretty fully a mainstream activity in a way it wasn't even 4 or 5 years ago.

And if a little WS faux rustic simplicity lifestyle branding is what it takes to get some people growing their own, that's fine by me. My guess is that if you have a good first year growing $17 lettuce in a $150 raised bed, you'll probably be comfortable enough next year to realize you can do it again with actual rustic simplicity.

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