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"Nothing irritates me more than these stories about how gardening as a leisure activity is on its way out."

I understand how some may feel this way especially with the younger generations who are often incapable of leaving their electronic devices and other toys alone long enough to even water & feed a house plant. But it seems to be that way with some older generations. No matter, it will always be popular. There's a whole giant world ourside of the United States and E.U.

On another note, glad you are moving forward with the new techy look if that helps your site, Good 4 U!



Congrats on the update, hope all is smooth. Can't wait to see what ya'll have created.

Been needing to do an update for years. It will have to wait a bit longer. Work is too good to slow down for computer stuff.

Evidence gardening is not slowing down.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Congrats on the reboot. I've got one in the works too. It's time!

I noticed you're getting rid of the grass in your header. Good move! :-)

Can't wait to see what's in store. But always remember the three most important components of online success: Content. Content. Content.

Does this mean I will have to figure out a new way to sign in since I sign in on type pad? (I just got a new phone and let myself be convinced to go beyond the basics to one that can hook into the internet, use apps etc etc- "oh you will love it!" everyone enthuses. Maybe once I get over the learning curve. But right now one more new technical thing to learn no matter how teensy weensy will put me right over the edge. Oh, my phone's name is FiFi - short for the obvious.

I think the issue is the label. "Gardening" versus "home improvement" or even "landscaping." Once we use the term gardening, it conjures up images of retired ladies with wide-brimmed hats and floral gloves tending their roses and veggie patches. But I grew up with my dad mowing the lawn, putting in impatients, or mulching the citrus trees, or even taking out the kitchen scraps to our compost heap (in suburban south Florida, which still surprises me as I look back). Would he call himself a gardener? No. Did he go to Home Depot's garden section every weekend to the point that he would bring the cashier coffee on his way? Yes (and yes, big-box store etc, but I think he's become more local store centered in recent years). So change the wording, and more people will start saying they do it. Infact, he might have considered much of that time "spending time with family" since we were all technically at the same house those weekend mornings.

there seems to be an increased interest in vegetable gardening in our area as i see more gardens popping up and a friend who operates a small garden center has commenterd on incresad sales. people are concerned about the quality of their food. i have neighbors who have started gardens in the past two years and are involving their children in it. jon

Anyone who thinks gardening isn't cool just doesn't get it!
Gardening is cool, why?
Here are my reasons ...
Anyone can garden at any age.
The choice of what to garden is huge.
There are elegant plants, punky looking plants, weird & wonderful plants, smelly plants,sweetly scented plants, all sorts of groovy looking vegetables, fantastic bright colors & shapes.
Sunflowers grow as high as a house, what could be cooler than that!
Growing vegetables is amazing, and the best bit is that you can eat them, save money and be healthy.
There are even plants that catch and eat live prey, is that cool? You bet!
You can garden on acres, hectares, or in small pots and boxes.
Plants will never answer you back, get sulky (unless you don't water them) and they rarely leave you.
You must have heard of the expression, "As cool as a cucumber."
How much cooler can you get?

If gardening is on the decline...and you can't prove that by me...I think it's the sheer price of plants!!!! As my husband and I were talking...gardening has become a hobby for those with the financial means. I will spend about $7000 this year, including mulch...and for most people...that's a lot of $$$.

I'll get used to it. I love that you've removed the grass in the masthead (is that term still used?) and inserted instead some lovely weed(s). I like the headings, but I fear that I'll miss something personal that seems to go with an old-fashioned blog. When I check GRant, as I do daily, my brain processes first the general topic (well, probably first is the purely visual image..) and then I immediately want to know which of the four GRant authors is speaking. I try to guess in the first few seconds, and I pride myself on guessing right much of the time.

So I'll say a fond farewell to GRant 1.0 and will try to greet the new version in an open-minded way. No, I won't just try; I will.

Regarding getting the youth interested. My son and stepson (both are 27) now have their own homes. They are both into planting trees, shrubs, flowers, veggies, herbs. Today, my stepson stopped by and walked through my garden pointing out what he'd like to have when I divide my perennials and collect seeds for fall planting.

I've influenced two young men and their young wives like to take me along to select plants, too. They borrow my gardening books. When they were growing up and going through school, college, grad school and starting careers, they didn't have a place to garden. Now that they are both homeowners, creating gardens is top of their priority list.

I think the comment listed above about "home improvement/landscaping" versus gardening hit the nail on the head. According to a survey by the National Gardening Association about 9% of Americans consider themselves "master gardeners" or "garden enthusiasts". A much larger number of Americans (30%) garden work, but the objective is to keep up their property value and make the home look nice. Those folks would see their work in the garden as a "leisure" activity but their doing it nonetheless.

Is the new link up somewhere ?

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