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Another example of procrastination (or in my case, laziness) paying off in the garden! :-)

Thanks for the introduction.

Love his new book cover, looks like a Peter Mayle or Jacques Pepin book.

Then I see the promo blurb BY Jacques Pepin.... small world.

Wish bread didn't need an oven. Too many months in summer, in the South, it seems like torture to use it.

Garden & Be Well, Tara

I look forward to reading your book. I'm working on a $64 Brandywine myself, as I do every year. And just finished writing about it.

I like any story whose moral is "See what the magic of procrastination can bring!!". It will be interesting to see if the tree can hold the fruit at that odd angle. I'll definitely check out the new book, The $64 Tomato was quite entertaining.

In Southern California people plant trees on their sides on purpose.


Why do people in Southern California do that?

I'm not sure why, but I too like to see examples of plants clinging to life under what seem to be impossible conditions. I enjoyed the $64 tomato book and am sure I'll enjoy the 52 loaves book as well, since bread-making has become a passion with me recently. (Although the Sullivan Street Bakery no-knead bread is pretty close to a perfect loaf.)

(I'd also like Cindy to explain her interesting statement about So CA planters.)

A very heartwarming story! I enjoy your writing style, too. I'll have to pick up your book!

And on Cindy's comment . . . I grew up in SoCal and never saw or heard of that. It's a big place, though.

I had a similar thing happen with a plum tree. This one was particularly neglected by the old owners and one huge branch broke off in a windstorm in the fall. Procrastination had it hanging by a few splinters of bark in the spring. Come summer that branch was laden with plums that were very easy to pick!

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