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Does it work in all soils? (Let's hear it for clay soils!) I'd love to have something to help with those taproots -- my current strategy of snapping them is fine for a week or two.

Will it work on poke weed? I want it!

No matter how deep I dig out taproots, I never get the full taproot. Looks like this tool would work very well for me.

... i wonder what our "lawn" would look like if i got one of these - would there be any green left?

Look out dandelions...

two words: crab grass. Crab grass that has been allowed to run free for twenty years before I moved here. Since crab grass is the highlander of weeds (no matter how often you think it's finally dead, it just keeps coming back), that tool would, I imagine, be very handy. And certainly more practical than charging at the yard with a broad sword . . . which I've been tempted to do.

This is just what we need!

anything to make my life easier as i age. I need this tool

Looks promising for tackling my weed patch (ie - veggie garden). Would love to give it a try!

Perfect! I lost my old not-so-perfect weeder to our former Community Garden, so would love to have a replacement. However, given that our lawn is a lovely mix of clover, weeds, clover, weeds, grass, weeds, clover, I'd hate to see what might be left!

I'm the crazy neighbour that sits on my front lawn with a garden knife and ice cream bucket pulling dandelions and other weeds by hand. Maybe I would get fewer funny looks this way? Here is hoping anyway.

Poison ivy is the bane of my existence.

Would this tool really enable me to pull it out without using my hands?

The thought makes me giddy.

If it can get at creeping charlie, I'm in. Otherwise I will enjoy the little purple flowers for now and curse its inevitable invasion later.

This would work great on our never ending crabgrass battle!

We want it!!!! My wife has had four surgeries on her lower back, and this would be a dream come true. I just want it because it looks like fun to use. :) My neighbors want me to have it, because I refuse to use chemicals to kill my dandelions, and it is murdering their beautiful lawn. har!

Having spent about 6 hours doing dandelion pulling this year, my knees would REALLY have appreciated one of these! Count me in!

I have so many dandelions. I really need this thing. Plus, it looks fun.

The dandelions are taking over! This could be the answer!

I think my neighbors would like it if I won this.

I have millions of annoying weeds, this would be fantastic!

I want one...

This tool looks amazing! I'm a huge fan of Fiskars in general, so it makes me happy that they have done it again with this weeding tool. You guys were having so much fun in those videos, it makes me want to try it, too.

Been using this for 2 months now. It's addictive. From my experience it does best on any/all tap root weeds. Creeping Charley... meh, not really. Crab grass, kind of. While you do get the meat of the crab grass you don't get the subterranean root system that links those bastards.
Also, if you are working in mulch, like we are in some areas, it isn't as easy because you have to clean the mulch off the end. But, it still saves you from having to bend down and dig in and I managed to get rid of hundreds in the mulch.
But the shotgun action of flinging them into the bucket... totally worth the small price of admission.

This looks pretty fun! But can you hold a beer in the other hand while you weed with this thing?

Keeping my husband from using chemicals on the lawn to kill the weeds is an ongoing battle. This little gadget just might satisfy his desire to exterminate things.

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