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I'd like to try it with strawberries and maybe a couple herbs. I lost my own big garden in the housing crash and currently rent from relatives who think edible gardening is ugly. So having something posh-looking like this help me sneak more edibles into the limited growing space I'm able to borrow.

Without a doubt, strawberries. Smack dab in the middle of the flower garden, like a specimen plant.

That thing is serious! I would put it smack into the middle of my edibles garden so there would be some structure there instead of just a big odd space! Gosh, it's really beautiful.

Love the name of your newest book.

Have lectured at a zillion garden clubs in 30 years.

Only 1 poured the wine for DURING the lecture. And they were serious about making sure every glass was full.

2 reserved parking spaces: speaker & Bringer Of the Wine....

THAT is a good garden club.


Oh, I would adore this! I would plant it full of something like Tumbling Tom tomatoes and have the whole thing growing right between my chair and hubby's in the backyard. Dinner is served!

I just love that planter, love that is made from wood too. I love wood, I live in a wood house and it would look great on my deck, I was thinking alpines or herbs but now I'm thinking of turning it into a faerie garden, multilevel dwelling style! Little plants, little decorations, little faeries!!!

I would love to put that in my front yard with some edibles as I'm trying to get rid most of my front lawn.

Love the happy frog soil, btw!

I'm not sure I would put in strawberries, maybe a fountain of sweet alyssum and lobelias and trailing verbeena, spilling out the sides - a festival of purples and blues. And it would look great on our back patio. Very neat, thanks for the giveaway!!

Wouldn't this look great with herbs in it!

I would grow strawberries in it. Maybe some herbs too.

I will put it on a table so my seven-year-old son, who uses a wheelchair, can get his hands nice and dirty. We'll plant beans because the seeds are big and easy for him to handle.

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and say strawberries. I haven't had luck with strawberries yet, and maybe giving them their own fancy planter would please the strawberry gods enough to send me success.

I would give this as a gift to to my mother. She recently moved into a condo and is in severe garden withdrawal. This would be great for her patio!

And edible flower centerpiece on the patio table would be fun: nasturtiums in summer, pansies in fall-spring.

Oooh, I would put herbs, herbs, and more herbs in it. Or maybe more strawberry plants. I would stick it right next to my other containers of things I have going right now on my small deck!

Oh, lovely! Would love to create a salad pyramid! Spinach, thyme, maybe some small lettuces, nasturia, other edible flowers. Yum.

I would fill it with edible flowers and herbs to keep in my kitchen bay window to teach the children in my Daycare how fun gardening can be.

Wow. I hope you are having fun at PSU! I would plant my herb garden in that planter for sure. What a cool idea.

I think strawberries would do well in this planter. It would look great on my back deck. Excellent for keeping the rabbits out of the fruit.

Perfect for strawberries on the patio!

alpine strawberries on the deck. yum.

That pyramid is perfect for an herb garden set on my deck right outside my kitchen door! I love the look of all the herbs sharing space together. It almost looks like a herb knot garden idea. Love it!!

I love succulents and what a great way to display them.

Herbs perhaps, or something trailing and spilling. So many possibilities. . .

My strawberry bed needs to be moved... this would be perfect!

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