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"a plant I've coveted for years now" - That really made me laugh. As a passionate gardener, I might obey all 10 Commandments including not coveting thy neighbors wife, but I sure might covet their Japanese Maple or stands of Asiatic Lilies.

Wow. It looks very good and also emphasizes how valuable a mature backdrop is for a garden, making it look older than it is. Lovely!

Here are a few thoughts.

For low perennials in part shade: Spotted Geranium (G. maculatum), Jacobs Ladder (Polemonium reptans).
For mid-size shrubs: Spicebush (Lindera benzoin).
For fragrance in a sunny spot: Oriental Lilly 'Casa Blanca.'
For a tall annual to fill in: Cleome.
For mid-size annuals to fill in: 'Sensaton' cosmos.
For mid-size perennials in sun or shade: Golden Alexander (Zizia aurea), Canada Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis).

Of course, the problem is that there are just too many wonderful plants to choose from. I am considering a strategy of stealth annexation, whereby I move my flower border a foot or so into the neighbors yard each year, in order to create room for more plants.

Have fun with your new garden.


Carex is not boring!!! (okay, I am over it... I will be ok now. I am just a Carex lover in recovery) Seriously, Susan, It looks beautiful. I agree about avoiding the "Onsies" and your plant choices are spot on. There is a sad and wonderful freedom when you leave one garden to start a new one, as many of us know.

I love that your first priority is the garden. Looks like a beautiful start!

Great use of space!

Makes me want to right size not just down size.
might even give up my lawn...........wait already did that. .3 acre lawn now only 6,000 sq ft.


A pleasant post!!!

My new garden looks like your new garden - little sticks of plants- minus the lovely flagstone patios that you are lucky to have! My plant list is running to 18 single-spaced pages. Isn't it fun?

you migt just take out one or two of your smaller patio flagstone pavers, and plant with low creeping herbs,which will release their scent as you walk on them>? that is very popular here!they need to be low!

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