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Don't worry about the creepiness. This allows something for all the readers, even the ones who sometimes disagree with your posts.


I thought it was a really neat exhibit when I visited it on the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling. Top notch for sure.

That looks SO COOL. I need to try to get out there!

Very clever. MIght even convince the husband to go see this (without brbing him with a meal out) if it comes anywere near us. He loves creepy stuff, but not garden stuff.

I hope this exhibit makes it out to Oregon! I couldn't find a schedule on the site ( maybe it's not completed yet). I will look for it in my area.

What a fun project, Amy! I love the look of it--all the gothic sensibility. I hope it comes to Minneapolis.

HOPING it will be visiting Michigan !!!

Totally cool!!! Thanks sop much for sharing... I am hoping it comes to Boston or NYC at some point!

a vast improvement on the SF conservatory of flowers exhibit, methinks. bring it to SoCal!

Saw it last week--quite a gas!

What a fun idea. I really hope it makes it to the Florida area. Great job to all involved!

Hoping it's travels brings it to the Philadelphia area!

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